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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Jaak the masked boy

Jaak the masked boy

On-spot flip back jump keyposes

On-spot flip back jump keyposes

Short Martian

Short Martian

Fat Tractor #080311

Tractor #080311

Legend of mysterious ‘Sausage Submarine’

I like Sausage & I like Submarines! So here we go:

The legend of the mysterious sausage submarine

I like the idea so much that will develop it when I find some time!

Confession: The original idea was from my son Atrin! he drew a

submarine that looked like a big curvy hot dog with many holes as windows.

mine is not as good as His but well, I got inspired! thanx Atrin! :-)

Tale of two fish #20080310

Tales of two fish #0000001

Cute chopper

Cute chopper



Tough guy!

Tough guy!

Happy Camel in Orange & Blue!

Happy Camel in Orange & Blue!

By my son, Atrin