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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Tree Cutting Elephant

‘Meat Trouble’ : Deev’s Look tests

I was playing around with some NPR shaders and renderers to find a nice look. I liked the last one better. David Maas made this 3D Model.deev9.deev9c.deev10

‘Meat Trouble’ Environment Tests


‘Meat Trouble’ Character: The Villager

More of ‘Meat Trouble’ Characters,this is a Villager, guess who’s the Victim!villager4villager2

‘Meat Trouble’ Character: Deev

These are some old concepts for an unfinished short film named ‘Meat Trouble’. My friend Amir Dehestani wrote the script and even another good friend of mine David Maas made the main two characters in 3D. I did some tests and stuff and eventually I lost my motivation.deev2deev8deev7

Torturer Demon


Owl in Purple

purple owl

Truck Driver

truck driver


cow  This was an early test for a TV commercial I did a long time ago.3D Model rendered in Max, used Illustrate! and Flash for the 2D look.The original Cow is designed by  Zartosht Soltani for Roozeneh Dairies.

Cars, … eh!