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‘Meat Trouble’ : Deev’s Look tests

I was playing around with some NPR shaders and renderers to find a nice look. I liked the last one better. David Maas made this 3D Model.deev9.deev9c.deev10

One response to “‘Meat Trouble’ : Deev’s Look tests

  1. mir tohid razavi March 13, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    salaaam . ila joon :)

    khoobi ? che khabaraa ?

    Harf nadari, shader ke kheyli khoob shode :) baba eyvaal ..

    kolllli delam barat tang shode. omidvaram oon goshe mooshe haye zehnet munde basham :)

    kheyli moraghebe khodet bash.

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